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Aesthetics, Raciality, and Dispossession

Nächsten Montag, 25.5.2020, findet um 18.15 Uhr ein Online-Vortrag (auf Englisch) mit Rizvana Bradley, Assistenzprofessorin in Kunstgeschichte und African-American Studies an der Yale University, statt, moderiert von Dominique Grisard (The Art of Intervention, Gender Studies, Basel):

This talk addresses racialized embodiment and embodied life in relation to the interlocking questions of violence, surplus, and representation that subtend globalized flows of capital. If, as Paula Chakravartty and Denise Ferreira da Silva suggest, the logic of global financial capital hinges upon an irreducible raciality, how might we think about the minor aesthetic practices generated by „aberrant economic subjects“ who at once bear the conditions of possibility for, intransigent threats to, and deviant enactments of dispossessive accumulation?

Nach dem Vortrag können live Fragen gestellt werden. Informationen zum Online-Zugang finden sie hier. Für den Flyer zur Veranstaltung klicken sie hier (PDF).
Eine Veranstaltung im Kontext der Ausstellung Circular Flow am Kunstmuseum Basel.

Image: Cape Coast Castle is a fortification in Ghana. The Castle was built for the trade in timber and gold, later it was used in the trans-Atlantic slave trade, today it accommodates a museum operated by the Ghana Heritage Trust. Photographed by Julius Cruickshank (Australia), CC BY 2.0, wikimedia commons.

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