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Intervention with the Body

Michèle Magema is a Congolese-French artist who deals with questions of identity, race,colonialism and femininity in her work. Although she is a multi-media artist, she herself states that performance is her favorite medium, because it is most“real” and can never be replicated identically, duplicated or viewed twice. Similarly, her presentation on 13th November at Museum… Weiterlesen Intervention with the Body

Art and Politics

The third lecture: Michèle Magema

In her speech, Michèle Magema reflects on the difficulty of positioning oneself and others in a postcolonial world with a haunting past and complex contemporary realities. Her lecture, Performing in public space at the time of identity claims and political resistances, can be listened to here: Michèle Magema, 13.11.2018 The next lecture will be by… Weiterlesen The third lecture: Michèle Magema